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Man loses Texas appeal for murder!

If you were wondering about the random blog…. This is the man that killed my uncle and his girlfriend in 2008. Investigaters had no idea who it was that killed them at first, but thanks to an anonymous tip( Guilty Conscience) it was soon known.

Gas prices rise!

Dylan Coker

March 1st, 2011

Gas and Libya:

            As it has been brought to the attention of many Americans, the people of Libya have been in conflict like Egypt. From cause comes an effect… higher gas prices!! I know all of America is wondering why we have soared with the price of gas.

            It has been speculated that gas in Georgia will rise up to around $4 per gallon soon. With all the world policing we are doing we would have got a back up plan for every circumstance, such as; one country fighting amongst that countries citizens and government.

            We will soon find how all of this will end. Sometimes I don’t think we will make it much longer with what we are doing and not end up having another world war.

            Questions, comments, and concerns ARE welcome!