War Ending a Recession…. I dont think so!

Dylan Coker

     On September 28th, Paul Krugman, posted a blog saying that the economy is not a “morality play”. Steven Horwitz on Infowars.com explained that this comment was, “Defending the idea that in unusual times, such as the sort of deep recession we are in, we can get strange relationships between economic cause and effect.” Krugman also believes that the United States came out of the Great Depression by entering WW2, which is a completly crazy thing to say.

     What he is trying to ever so gently imply is that, the only way to bring us out of economic pressure, is to enter a war. Which would be a big mistake in my opinion, because we are already loosing many families due to our ” World Policing”. If he gets this idea into the sheeple of America, it could end off not looking pretty.

2 responses to “War Ending a Recession…. I dont think so!

  1. Since WW2 ended the Great Depression, an invasion of a country surly would end this recession right? Since I have a bad feeling this is going to happen anyway, we mind as well hope for the best, and hey, maybe we’ll get some new technology’s out of it.

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