Man loses Texas appeal for murder!

If you were wondering about the random blog…. This is the man that killed my uncle and his girlfriend in 2008. Investigaters had no idea who it was that killed them at first, but thanks to an anonymous tip( Guilty Conscience) it was soon known.

Gas prices rise!

Dylan Coker

March 1st, 2011

Gas and Libya:

            As it has been brought to the attention of many Americans, the people of Libya have been in conflict like Egypt. From cause comes an effect… higher gas prices!! I know all of America is wondering why we have soared with the price of gas.

            It has been speculated that gas in Georgia will rise up to around $4 per gallon soon. With all the world policing we are doing we would have got a back up plan for every circumstance, such as; one country fighting amongst that countries citizens and government.

            We will soon find how all of this will end. Sometimes I don’t think we will make it much longer with what we are doing and not end up having another world war.

            Questions, comments, and concerns ARE welcome!

Georgia In debt

Dylan Coker

February 16th, 2011

Georgia in MORE debt than the Country!


            Georgia’s financial instability has been stated to be worse than that of the nations. It is very disturbing to hear considering the country is over 14 trillion dollars! How can one state of the United States be in deeper debt than the rest of the nation?

           All questions and comments to this post are welcome…. Please respond to this with very good answers! I need to know how we could do this to our selves.

Unhealthy Food Lowers IQ News Staff

Date: Tuesday Feb. 8, 2011 8:09 AM ET

Fast unhealthy food Lowers IQ


    Kids who eat a diet high in fats, sugars, and processed foods in early childhood appear to grow up to have a lower IQ, while those who eat a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients grow to have higher intelligence, new research suggests.

    The findings were made by researchers who looked at data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children. The study is tracking the long-term health and well-being of around 14,000 children born in 1991 and 1992.

    Parents complete questionnaires detailing the types and frequency of the food and drink their children consume at the ages of three, four, seven and 8.5 years old. IQ is measured when they were 8.5 years old.

    This study focused on 3,966 children for whom complete data were available. The researchers broke up the kids into three dietary patterns:

“Processed” high in fats and sugar intake

“Traditional” high in meat and vegetable intake

“Health conscious” high in salad, fruit and vegetables, rice and pasta.

    After the researchers adjusted their findings for several factors, including breastfeeding duration and the amount of oily fish their mothers consumed while pregnant, they found that a highly processed food diet at the age of three was linked with a lower IQ at the age of 8.5. Every 1 point increase in dietary pattern score was associated with a 1.67 fall in IQ.

    On the other hand, a healthy diet was associated with a higher IQ at the age of 8.5, with every 1 point increase in dietary pattern linked to a 1.2 increase in IQ.

    They also found that it didn’t matter if the children’s diets improved or worsened at older ages. Dietary patterns between the ages of 4 and 7 had no impact on IQ.

    The authors note that the differences in IQ were modest. Nevertheless, they say the findings are in line with previous research from the same study group which found a link between early childhood diet and later behavior and school performance.

    “This suggests that any cognitive/behavioral effects relating to eating habits in early childhood may well persist into later childhood, despite any subsequent changes (including improvements) to dietary intake,” say the researchers, whose study appears in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

    The authors note that the brain grows at its fastest rate during the first three years of life. Other research has found that head growth at this time is linked to intellectual ability.

   ” It is possible that good nutrition during this period may encourage optimal brain growth,” they suggest.

    The researchers say more research is needed to understand the extent of the effect early diet has on intelligence.

In Case of Internet Shut- down.

Dylan Coker

February 8, 2011

Simple instructions towards keeping your Internet up

    The chaos in Egypt has led to a government shut down of the internet there. Though it might not come down to this, it is in case of an emergency. If the Egyptian government will do it to keep the people from talking, then so will the American Government.

    They may not have this information now, but you will. I hope that you will spread the word around to others; such as friends and family. Well I am now leaving it up to you to do the rest. Post this any where and every where you can!!


If you want to stay on-line and avoid the Internet kill switch
follow this set up.

1. Install Ubuntu operating system (Linux-based)
2. Atheros wireless network card []
3.MadWifi drivers TO CONNECT TO THE M.NET


Lcom HA 243 GT NF amplifier

Asus WL-330gE Portable 4-In-One Wireless Router
to support light weight Apps. Like Twitter, FB, RTR



Protesting is met with untouchable force

Dylan Coker

February 3, 2011

More Clashes in Egypt:

            Last night the protesters in Egypt were in store for a dangerous surprise. President Mubarak ordered the Army to shoot and kill earlier this week. Now he is in way over his head with the outrageous events from last night.

             Violent protesters against Mubarak were met with brute force. Some were even fired upon, by machine guns. Few were met with other various things thrown by the Army in the Cairo square. Some protesters were killed!

            President Mubarak came out this morning and apologized for the destruction caused over night.

Chaos in Egypt

Dylan Coker

January 31st, 2011

Call for Order in Egypt:

            Today, as many people know, all American citizens have been advised to get out of Egypt. Mean while; the president of Egypt, Mr. Hosni Mubarak, has given a direct order to his army to shoot and kill unruly protesters.

            President Barak Obama says that, as of now he doesn’t want Egypt under new rule. Obama also stated that he talked to Mubarak on the phone.

            Many other Governments have scrambled to get their citizens out of Egypt for the time being. Mexico said that they only urge their citizens to think about leaving Egypt.

War Ending a Recession…. I dont think so!

Dylan Coker

     On September 28th, Paul Krugman, posted a blog saying that the economy is not a “morality play”. Steven Horwitz on explained that this comment was, “Defending the idea that in unusual times, such as the sort of deep recession we are in, we can get strange relationships between economic cause and effect.” Krugman also believes that the United States came out of the Great Depression by entering WW2, which is a completly crazy thing to say.

     What he is trying to ever so gently imply is that, the only way to bring us out of economic pressure, is to enter a war. Which would be a big mistake in my opinion, because we are already loosing many families due to our ” World Policing”. If he gets this idea into the sheeple of America, it could end off not looking pretty.

We Are Change Lagrange

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Dylan Coker


TSA being removed from airports:

Dylan Coker

November 19, 2010            


The TSA has on thousands of accounts been practically raping and groping men, women, and children for these past few months. After continuous complaints the Orlando Airport has decided to Opt- out or chose to go around this screening procedure. They have agreed to remove all TSA airport security staff and replace them with a local private screening company that is going to professionally do their JOB, and not terrorize citizens. Congressman John Mica is insisting that all airports follow in this Florida airport’s lead, and get rid of the TSA for good in airports all around America.